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We provide insight into the psyche of consumers and strategies that help you optimally use these insights.

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Unconscious attitudes determine consumer behavior!
Markets in transformation, brand fates and potentials, requirements for advertising in difficult times, concept development – how do you find out whether a brand is on the right path?

Research consumers’ unconscious attitudes together with us.
The only researchers who can successfully research unconscious factors are those who know how unconscious actions manifest themselves in consumers’ experience and behavior. People speak of ‘unconscious’ or ‘subconscious’ messages and attitudes. Researchers and consumers show that there are motives behind consumer behavior going beyond rational explanations. What is decisive is whether these motives can be made transparent.

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Unconscious aspects don’t have an effect somehow. They have an effect based on a system with certain rules. You have to know these rules to be able to reveal unconscious actions and to be able to evaluate material studied using qualitative methods. Take advantage of our analysis expertise. Find out what actually motivates consumers – and how you can successfully motivate your consumers.